The Astrology Book

The Astrology Book: The Encyclopedia of Heavenly Influences.  The most comprehensive and reasonably priced single-volume encyclopedia of Astrology available anywhere!
This colossal 928-page tome is the definitive work on celestial forces and the influence of stars and other celestial bodies on human personality, behavior, and destiny. The Astrology Book: The Encyclopedia of Heavenly Influences defines and explains over 800 astrological terms and concepts, covering everything from air signs to Zeus and everything in between.

Astrology students and laypeople interested in learning more about those passionate Scorpios or intuitive Pisceans can examine the entire astrology culture, famous astrologers, heavenly bodies, explanations, and interpretations of every planet in every house and sign, including those pesky technical terms. And to aid them in their star-gazing endeavors, The Astrology Book includes a special section on chart casting. Additionally, it includes a glossary of astrological symbols and abbreviations, a useful bibliography, an index, and a list of organizations, books, periodicals, and websites devoted to the study of the heavenly influences.

Due to the wealth of information contained within, it is one of the most useful astrology guides available today.