The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Yoga Illustrated:

Completely restructured to focus more on the how-to components of yoga, this step-by-step guide replaces photos with all-new two-color line illustrations that not only show readers what the various yoga postures look like, but how to get in and out of them easily and painlessly. Non- intimidating and easy-to-follow exercises show readers just how fun and relaxing yoga can be.

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The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Magical Plants, Revised:

A Practical Guide to Creating Healing, Protection, and Prosperity using Plants, Herbs, and Flowers 

The ultimate guide to magical plants gets even better in this new edition of the Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Magical Plants!

Learn how to improve your life using the spiritual properties all around you in nature. This revised and expanded guide includes the magical properties and uses for nearly 300 plants. Entries describe how to use spells or rituals and potions that solve everything from shooing evil spirits out of a reader’s house to finding the perfect mate to using herbs, flowers, and plants in Wiccan and earth magic festivals. New entries are woven throughout the book to reflect the newest popular healing plants and herbs. Expert Susan Gregg shows you how to concoct tinctures, oils, and bath salts, work with dried leaves, and use fresh plants and flowers to call in fairies and plant divas that will enhance your life.

The smaller size of this bestselling encyclopedia makes it a perfect gift for a friend, a family member, or yourself!