The Cure For All Diseases: New Research Findings show that all diseases have simple explanations and cures once their true cause is known. This book describes the causes of both common and extraordinary diseases and gives specific instructions for their cure.

The sick have been held hostage for their money or intangible assets since time immemorial. Doctors, even primitive and natural healers, surround themselves with mystery as they use herbs or chemicals and incantations or “prognoses” to help the sick recover. Today, the medical industry (doctors and their suppliers and insurers) takes a significant amount of the worker’s earnings. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could all go back to gardening or some other primitive and useful endeavor? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the sick could join them?
The most promising discovery in this book is the effectiveness of electricity to kill viruses, bacteria, and parasites. Does this mean you can cancel your appointment with your clinical doctor? No, it does not. Killing your invaders does not make you well instantly. But happily, at your next doctor visit, she or he will be removing drugs, not adding them.
You might think that such an invention should be quickly patented. That was my universal advice. But I chose not to. It helps my children, my grandchildren, and me if you are well. The whole world needs to come out of the dark ages of medicine and illness. And to learn the true causes of infection and disease. We must and can usher in the new age of disease-free living.
No diabetes, no high blood pressure, no cancer, no HIV/AIDS, no migraines, no lupus, and so on!
Not a single disease is left unconquerable with this new understanding!

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Saw Palmetto Hair Loss: Healthy Long Hair Loss Prevention and Fast Regrowth! Grow Beautiful, Healthy

Saw palmetto extract, saw palmetto herb, and berries are effective at stopping androgenic hair loss. Hair regrows thicker and fuller in androgenic female and male pattern baldness.
Great resource & filled with useful information! –A. Christie
This book is fact-filled! …I heard this was a good remedy. I love the idea of no side effects like all the big pharmaceuticals. The author has done a great job giving you all the facts and even recommends where to get more help. Great book!
“I had no idea, this is great “ — yosoy
“Saw Palmetto Hair Loss ” — Jeff Bell
“I have a son who is losing his hair. I have heard of Saw Palmetto but did not know it would work for hair loss. So after reading this book I am going to pass it along to my son and see if it can help him.”
This is an easy plan that you can test in your own home!
Follow excellent hair growth tips with saw palmetto and you will see great results as androgenic alopecia reverses itself and leaves thick hair. This happens in men and women.
Toss in the most important vitamins that help prevent hair loss. Hair growth vitamins and minerals are vital to make the hair grow fuller and thicker once the scalp environment is ready.
Combine good nutrition with better stress management and your saw palmetto hair loss cure is ready to prove itself.

Learn how easy it can be to discover the truth for yourself:
1. Saw Palmetto Benefits
2. How Saw Palmetto Stops Hair Loss
3. How to Use the Saw Palmetto Hair Loss Program
4. Important Hair Growth Tips
5. Saw Palmetto Side Effects
6. Effect on Sexual Function
7. Saw Palmetto and Women