The Garlic Miracle: Discover The Amazing Health, Beauty, & Detox Benefits Of This Powerful Herb

If you are not planning to fight vampires with garlic today, let’s fight some pathogens and other pests. Starting from microbes to big pests, garlic can keep harmful things away from you. Garlic is something which everyone knows, unless you were born before 2000 BC. Every cuisine and every culture in the world uses garlic differently. Garlic has a lot of advantages and a few side effects. This book talks about garlic and its uses. It also provides precautionary information about the bulb. Though garlic helps to repel a lot of infections, it is very prone to fungal infections and other pests. Thus, the garlic you buy from the supermarket would have pesticides attached to it. Going organic is the best way. This book teaches about growing, harvesting, curing, storing and using garlic. Why do you need this book? There are a lot of medical conditions which you may not find severe enough to get medical help but are causing a lot of problems in your daily life, like flatulence, heartburn, stinky feet problem and many others. This book tells you that all it takes is a clove of garlic to reduce all the problems. The book also explains about using garlic as a cosmetic for skin and hair care. Imagine a person applying garlic on his face and imagine how much he would stink. However, using the right set of essential oils and other ingredients, the book helps you to make face packs and hair lotions, which would have the effects which garlic does but you would not have to deal with its smell.

What You’ll Learn from “The Garlic Miracle”

• The stinking rose • Why garlic? • Garlic as a cosmetics • Garlic is not perfect • Your own garlic plant • Cooking with garlic

The Garlic Miracle – Discover The Amazing Health, Beauty, & Detox Benefits Of This Powerful Herb

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The Natural Cure For Tooth Decay: How To Cure Tooth Decay Naturally In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Is the modern-day dentist the way of the future? OR is the common dental checkup just a stepping stone in the evolution of our understanding of tooth decay and what can be done about it? The truth is, relying on modern dentistry techniques is a very old, outdated strategy to tackle this universally felt problem.

Thankfully, our information age has enabled relatively hidden knowledge to be spread across the globe in an instant. The Natural Remedy For Tooth Decay acts as a vehicle for this precious knowledge.

Complicated surgical treatments and incredibly expensive procedures can now become a thing of the past. The NEW way is a natural way. By addressing what we eat and by using other holistic aids, we can now remineralize our teeth from the comfort of our own home.

There’s no longer any justifiable reason to fear the dentist, YOU have the power and ability to take control of your dental health and realize that such an important facet of your life is treatable by you when armed with the right knowledge.

Inside The Natural Remedy For Tooth Decay, You’ll Find:

In-depth research on what causes cavities and how we get them

The right diet for healing tooth decay

The truth about whole grains

Homeopathy for healthy teeth

Herbal aids for healthy teeth

How to avoid orthodontics

And much more!

Take control of your dental care, scroll up to the top and grab your copy now!

About The Author

Kate Evans Scott is the author of the Amazon Bestselling cookbooks The Paleo Kid,  Paleo Kid Snacks, The Paleo Kid Lunchbox,  and Infused: 26 Spa-Inspired Vitamin Waters.  After her son was diagnosed with several food intolerances and after having struggled with her own Autoimmune Disease, Kate made the commitment to remove all grains and processed foods from her family’s diet. Her passion and love for good food blossomed after training with a retreat chef in Belgium in her early 20’s. Since then, she has wanted to bring her love of food and health into the kitchens of other families struggling with health and dietary challenges.