The Gentleman's Guide to Life

The Gentleman’s Guide to Life: What Every Guy Should Know About Living Large, Loving Well, Feeling Strong, and Looking Good

Whether you’re a sensitive, bookish type or a beer-guzzling Cyber-jock—or just an average guy—The Gentleman’s Guide to Life is the definitive primer on looking, living, and feeling good, answering all your questions about clothing, career, fitness, love, and lust.

How can I advance my career without selling out?
How do I assist my friends (while crushing my adversaries)?
How do I care for and feed my boss?
Which suit should I choose?
What type of footwear should I pair with the suit? Socks?
Is it really necessary for me to take my vitamins?
Is this impotence or apathy?
How many hours of sleep do I require?
How am I to successfully bluff my way through a wine list?
What exactly is Cubism?
How much gratuity should I leave?
What CDs should I have on hand to unwind? To entice?
Am I fond of her? Is it true that I adore her?
What does she mean I am oblivious?
How do I propose (or request the ring be returned)?
Am I being the best man I can be?