The healing power of tea simple teas & tisanes to remedy and rejuvenate your health

The Healing Power of Tea: Simple Teas & Tisanes to Remedy and Rejuvenate Your Health. Enhance Your Health and Well-Being with the Help of Tea

This comprehensive guide to the healing world of teas and tisanes is jam-packed with “tea-riffic” knowledge that will help you live a healthier and happier life. Discover detailed chapters on various tea types, their benefits, and an extensive list of ailments and the blends that will alleviate them.

Whether you’re an experienced tea drinker or a new convert, author Caroline Dow demonstrates the numerous delectable benefits of tea and herbal infusions. Learn about the fascinating history of tea, as well as recipes and an easy-to-use reference guide. Discover how to blend, prepare, and consume herbs, as well as how to grow your own herb garden. Tea is an excellent choice for healthy living because it has both curative and preventative properties.