The Laws of the Spirit World

Thrice printed in the short period of just less than eleven months since its publication the book has created a history in the publishing world. Vispi and Ratoo, beloved sons of Khorshed and Rumi Bhavnagri, died in a car accident in 1980, in India. Their spirits were trying to reach them through a chain of people. Under their guidance, Khorshed and Rumi developed powers of concentration that enabled them to communicate with their sons through a process called automatic writing. For the past twenty years, Vispi and Ratoo have given their parents spiritual knowledge.

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Cosmic Fusion:

The Inner Alchemy of the Eight Forces

A guide to the advanced practice of Inner Alchemy, which brings the physical body into balance with the energy body

• Presents the second level of Inner Alchemy practices that use the eight forces of the pakua (bagwa) to collect, gather, and condense chi in the body

• Explains how to balance negative emotional energy with positive energy to detoxify, nourish, and integrate the physical and the energy body with the forces of nature

• Shows how to collect and channel the greater energies of the stars and planets to create unity between what is above and below

Cosmic Fusion is an advanced level of Inner Alchemy that teaches how to bring the physical body into balance with the energy body–a necessary prerequisite for the formation of the universal body, the pearl of compassion that is one with Original Creation and the Universal Tao. Cosmic Fusion works with the expression of the eight pakua (bagwa) of Chinese cosmology, through which all creation is divided and given form, nature, and definition.

Cosmic Fusion exercises establish the spiritual body firmly in the lower abdomen, where chi energy is gathered and distributed to all parts of the body–and into all creation. The fully illustrated exercises in this book also show how to collect and channel the greater energies of the stars and planets. By “fusing” all these different energies together, a harmonious whole is created, a unity of what is above and below. As heavenly and earthly forces are brought into balance, the life perfectly suited to the practitioner manifests, allowing the spirit body to prepare to move into worlds beyond–and back.