The Mind Illuminated A Complete Meditation Guide Integrating Buddhist Wisdom and Brain Science

The Mind Illuminated: A Complete Meditation Guide Integrating Buddhist Wisdom and Brain Science for Greater Mindfulness.

The Mind Illuminated is a groundbreaking, science-based approach to meditation from a neuroscientist turned meditation master. It is an accessible, step-by-step toolkit for anyone interested in beginning—or improving—their daily meditation practice.

The Mind Illuminated is the first how-to meditation guide written by a neuroscientist who is also an acclaimed meditation master. According to bestselling meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg, the book “brings the path of meditation to life.” This ground-breaking book presents a ten-step program that is rooted in ancient spiritual teachings about mindfulness and holistic health but also incorporates cutting-edge brain science to provide a roadmap for anyone interested in achieving the benefits of mindfulness. Dr. John Yates presents a novel and fascinating model of how the mind works, complete with techniques for overcoming mind wandering and dullness, extending your attention span while meditating, and subduing subtle distractions.

This ground-breaking manual includes illustrations and charts to guide you through each stage of the process, as well as tools applicable to all forms of meditation. The Mind Illuminated is a must-read for anyone seeking to establish a practice or for seasoned practitioners seeking to master the deepest state of peace and mindfulness.