The Old Book of Magic

The Old Book of Magic: A Precise History of Magic, Its Procedure, Rites and Mysteries as Contained in Ancient Manuscripts, Embellished with Engravings of Wonderful Charms and Talismans.  This historic book may contain numerous typographical errors and omissions. The publisher will typically provide a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) to purchasers. Currently not indexed. Not depicted. 1918 reprint. Excerpt: …of hostile irradiations, he foresees with an unerring eye the various prospects as they appear individually in the vista of futurity_; thus acquiring a knowledge that, of all others, approaches divinity the closest, just as science itself is the most sublime and beautiful. Without the sister science of Siderial Influence, even astronomy is but a toy “‘Se e CHAPTER VI. of this work’s casket. 1’ It is a well-established fact that no one can be considered a competent Astrologer or deserving of implicit confidence unless he has received a liberal education; or, at the very least, he should be well versed in mathematical principles and natural philosophy. Calculating a nativity is inextricably linked to geometrical science and algebraic analysis; it necessitates the use of numbers, logarithms, and trigonometry, all of which are brought to bear by a sound judgment and extensive experience. Without a jewel, such professors are uncommon “and is nothing more than a powerful combination of numbers and nothingness. Who then has the audacity to disparage the astrologer? Who would dare to dispute his superiority over professors of all other sciences? He alone, among all other students, has the propriety to use Milton’s words: —”I have assumed an earthly guest and drawn ernpyreal air into the heav’n of heav’ns.” The fates have decreed his destiny; the horoscope of his fortunes is as immutable as the laws of the universe (subject only to divine control); and, while absorbed in contemplation of those celestial orbs, whether fixed or erratic, benign or malevolent, he alone can be resigned in all things to what he has foreseen.