The Path of the Empress

The Path of the Empress: How to Free Your Feminine Power

In Europe, this is a classic self-help book that discusses the feminine power of transformation and how women can harness their strength and sexuality.

Over 1,000 years ago, Wu Zhao’s concubine became China’s most powerful woman. Her intelligence and erotic aura, combined with her mastery of the art of war, earned her the title of empress—and made her the only woman to ever rule ancient China officially. Her devoted adviser was the wise shaman and physician Sun Simiao, keeper of ages-old feminine wisdom and power secrets. This book, inspired by Wu Zhao and ancient Chinese texts, describes the ten critical stages of a woman’s life and focuses on exercises and magical herbal elixirs that open the mind and soul to new perspectives and solutions. A bestseller in Europe, the book has developed into a favorite gift for women to give to the women in their families, as well as to female friends and colleagues.