The Sacred Search

The Sacred Search: What If It’s Not about Who You Marry, But Why?

From the award-winning author of Sacred Marriage comes a fresh look at dating—and how to make a covenant relationship spectacular before it starts! Encouraging singles to abandon the idea of a “soul mate” and trade it for the notion of a “sole mate”—a partnership dedicated to Christ—Thomas contends that a good marriage is something you make. 272 pages, softcover from Cook.

In the revised edition of his hit book The Sacred Search, author Gary Thomas helps single people of all ages make wise marital choices, in large part by rethinking what basis those choices should be made on.

Readers are encouraged to think beyond finding their “soul mate,” an idea that has its roots in the philosophy of Plato, and instead adopt a more biblical search for a “sole mate”— someone who will walk with them on their spiritual

Thomas asks, What if we focused on why to get married more than on who to marry? What if being “in love” isn’t a good enough reason to get married? And most of all, what if God designed marriage to make us holy more than to make us happy?

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