The Science and Fine Art of Fasting2

The Science and Fine Art of Fasting.  “Science is obstinate in clinging to its errors and resisting all attempts to rectify them. Once an alleged fact has been established, it cannot be rebutted, regardless of how erroneous it is. All of hell’s gates will not prevail against it. This fact is illustrated nowhere more clearly than in the history of the efforts to overcome science’s stubborn resistance to the idea that the human organism, like the organisms of lower animals, can safely abstain from food for extended periods of time. Long after thousands of men and women had fasted for periods ranging from a few days to several weeks and benefited from the experience, science continued to repeat, as if it were a proven fact, its illogical notion that man cannot fast for more than a few days without dying. Indeed, despite the fact that several of these lengthy fasts received widespread publicity and were studied by men of science, devotees of the modern infallible god, science, continued to repeat the old fallacy that if a man abstains from food for six days, his heart will collapse and he will die.”