The spiritual life - Intuition - Awakening your Spiritual Awareness

The spiritual life – Intuition – Awakening your Spiritual Awareness.
Annie Besant was a well-known women’s rights advocate in Britain during the 19th century. From the preface: “IN addition to the large number of volumes which stand in the name of Annie Besant in the catalog of the British Museum, there is a great quantity of litera­ture, for which she is responsible, that has appeared in more fugitive form as articles, pamphlets, and published lectures, issued not only in Great Britain but in America, India, and Australia. Much of this work is of great interest but is quite out of reach of the general reader as it is no longer in print, and inquiries for many such items have frequently to be answered in the negative. Under these circumstances, the T.P.S. decided to issue an edition of Mrs. Besant’s collected writings under the title Essays and Addresses. It was originally intended to arrange the matter in chronological order, commencing with the writer’s first introduction to Theosophy as a reviewer of Mme. Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine, but several considerations determined the abandonment of this plan in favor of the scheme now adopted, which is the classification of subject matter independent of chronological order. The Publishers feel sure that this arrangement will especially commend itself to students who desire to know what the author has written on various important aspects of Theosophy in its several ramifications, and for all purposes of study and reference the plan chosen should more effectively serve. The dates and sources of articles are given in nearly all cases, and they are printed without any revision beyond the correction of obvious typographical errors. The importance and interest of such a collection of essays, both as supplementing treatment of many of the topics in larger works and as affording expression of the Author’s views on many subjects not otherwise dealt with, will be obvious, and it only remains to express the Publisher’s hope that the convenience and moderate cost of the series may insure its thorough circulation among the wide range of Mrs. Besant’s readers.”