The Way of Complete Perfection A Quanzhen Daoist Anthology

The Way of Complete Perfection: A Quanzhen Daoist Anthology.  Quanzhen (Complete Perfection) Daoism is one of the most significant Daoist movements in Chinese history, having originated around 1163 CE. It continues to be the most prevalent form of monastic Daoism in the modern world, particularly through its Longmen (Dragon Gate) lineage. This seminal collection contains complete or fragmentary translations of twenty-one Quanzhen texts. Most have never been translated into other languages or even discussed in scholarly journals. Louis Komjathy pays special attention to the work completed by Wang Chongyang (1113-1170 CE), the founder of the Quanzhen movement, and his first generation disciples. The translations span the breadth of Quanzhen literature, from poetry and discourse records to didactic texts, commentaries, and hagiographies. Additionally, three monastic manuals from Quanzhen’s late medieval and late imperial periods are included. The work begins with an introduction to Quanzhen Daoism, and each chapter discusses the history and topics pertinent to each translation.