The Wild Medicine Solution Healing with Aromatic, Bitter, and Tonic Plants

The Wild Medicine Solution: Healing with Aromatic, Bitter, and Tonic Plants. Bringing wild plants back into daily life for vibrant physical, mental, and spiritual health

• Describes how three distinct classes of wild plants—aromatics, bitters, and tonics—are uniquely adapted to interact with our physiology as a result of our coevolution with them.

• Includes straightforward recipes for incorporating these plants into meals, as well as tea, spirit, and tincture formulas.

• Provides practical examples of each of the three classes of plants, ranging from aromatic peppermint to bitter dandelion and tonic chocolate.

As people migrated to cities and suburbs and adopted modern medicine and industrialized food, they lost touch with nature, particularly with the plants with which humanity coevolved. These plants are integral to our physiologies—tangible reminders of cross-kingdom signaling—and are necessary not only for vibrant physical health and disease prevention, but also for soothing and awakening the troubled spirit.

By fusing traditional herbal medicine with history, mythology, clinical practice, and recent discoveries in physiology and biochemistry, herbalist Guido Masé delves into the three plant classes necessary for the healthy functioning of our bodies and minds: aromatics, bitters, and tonics. He explains how bitter plants stimulate digestion, balance blood sugar, buffer toxicity, and improve metabolism; how tonic plants restore normal cell function and nourish the immune system; and how aromatic plants relax tense organs, nerves, and muscles and stimulate sluggish systems, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. He demonstrates how wild plants control the rate at which our hearts beat and the way DNA is read by our cells, thereby regulating the self-destructive tendencies that contribute to chronic inflammation or cancer.

Offering examples of ancient and modern uses for each of the three classes of wild plants—from aromatic peppermint to bitter dandelion to tonic chocolate—Masé includes simple recipes for using them as seasonings and as central ingredients in soups, stocks, salads, and grain dishes, as well as formulas for teas, spirits, and tinctures. He demonstrates how healing “wild plant deficiency syndrome”—that is, reintroducing wild plants into our diets—is critical not only for our health but also for our spiritual development.