Three Worlds Lost The History of Mu, Lemuria and Atlantis

Three Worlds Lost: The History of Mu, Lemuria and Atlantis.

In “Three Worlds Lost, The History of Mu, Lemuria, and Atlantis,” author Denny Highben mixes fiction based on fact with fact more bizarre and interesting than any fiction. The facts of mankind’s actual experience with the earth plane are beacons into the depths of mystery and danger in the darker days of Atlantis. These amazing insights came from catatonic trance sensitive William Allen LePar’s contacts. This award-winning writer, a student of the trances for more than 30 years, tells his experience and that of The Council, the spiritually enlightened beings who connect with humanity through the LePar trance state.

This two-part novella tells the story of mankind’s reality over uncounted eons. As the catastrophe of Atlantis drew nearer, we had Uhnimer’s world. Every detail of the novel is based on claims made by The Council during Mr. LePar’s catatonic state communications, from extraordinary skills to horrible cruelty. We also have Mr. LePar’s and The Council’s narrative, which is the most significant prophetic intercession into the earth plane in years. Both serve as warnings to mankind as a whole and to each individual soul: recognize who you are and evolve toward the Light.

Uhnimer was not as “attuned” as many of the village elders, who were old and hidden deep within Atlantis. Uhnimer’s best qualities were of a different kind. He was able to withstand and function in the spiritually harmful world of darkness, deception, and oppression, which became stronger with each passing year. He was a scout, risking his life to alert the Sons of Light to the dangers to their way of life…

“Three Worlds Lost, The History of Mu, Lemuria, and Atlantis” transports us to the time of Uhnimer, when the world of men was sinking deeper into the brutality and selfishness that would lead to its destruction once more. We discover how long humanity has been trapped in the physical illusion, what incredible powers we previously possessed as effortlessly as breathing, and the depths to which we have descended.