Understanding and Contemplating Emptiness

Understanding and Contemplating Emptiness. 16 Inspiring and Life-Changing Lectures.

According to Buddhism, the fundamental cause of all our problems and suffering is a misunderstanding of how the self and other phenomena exist. If we want to rid ourselves of suffering, it is essential for us to realize how things actually exist — the emptiness of inherent existence. There is no other way.

“We cannot get rid of suffering by saying, ‘I will not suffer.’ We cannot eliminate attachment by saying, ‘I will not be attached to anything,’ nor eliminate aggression by saying, ‘I will never become angry.’ … ​The only way to eliminate suffering is to actually recognize the experience of a self as a misconception, which we do by proving directly to ourselves that there is no such personal self. We must actually realize this.”

— Thrangu Rinpoche

To do this, we must (1) receive correct teachings on emptiness, (2) reflect on those teachings, and (3) meditate on them, again and again. In this class we will make efforts to do all three of these. We will follow the teachings on emptiness based on His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s book ‘How to See Yourself As You Really Are’, discuss them, and then meditate on them.