Why Men Are the Way They Are

Why Men Are the Way They Are

Why Men Are the Way They Are is a book about what women don’t understand about men—and what men don’t understand about themselves. Its author founded over 300 men’s and women’s groups that have been joined by men ranging from John Lennon to John Gray.

Why Men Are… is a terrific book, according to Oprah!

According to the New York Post, it is the most significant book ever written about love, sex, and intimacy.

If you’ve ever wondered why men are the way they are, you’ll want to read Why Men Are the Way They Are.

How Can I Get Him to Express His Feelings Before He Becomes Angry? Why is it that the men I am drawn to are the most difficult to get along with? What is it about men that makes them so fearful of commitment? Why do so many men have such a scarcity of male friends? Why are men incapable of listening? Why are men so fixated on sports? Why is it that a man cannot be a friend before becoming a sex partner? How come men are such jerks?


Why do women say they want to hear my feelings but then withdraw when they do? Why is it that the women I am most attracted to are the most challenging to get along with? If women are so liberated, why do they still expect me to invite them out, pay for their dinner, initiate all sexual activities, and call them in the morning? Why is it that a woman who supports herself alone is referred to as a career woman, while a man who supports himself alone is referred to as a playboy? Why are men denied equal access to their children following divorce? If women truly received less compensation for comparable work, why would any employer hire a man? Why do the majority of married women have the choice of working or raising children, whereas their husbands have the choice of working or not working?

Dr. Warren Farrell rewrote the book’s highlights for the audio version as if it were a dialogue between you and him, allowing you to respond to others’ questions. The author offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee.