Woman to Woman 1,000 Conversation Starters for Talking about Anything

Woman to Woman 1,000 Conversation Starters for Talking about Anything

Women’s conversations can cover a wide variety of subjects and may include intelligent observations about the complexities of life, amusing observations, and the sharing of innermost thoughts. While conversation in mixed company can be similar, there are numerous topics that women feel more comfortable discussing among themselves in an environment that is mutually encouraging and supportive. However, initiating a conversation is frequently difficult, even for women, when the subject is personal, contentious, or embarrassing.

A Woman’s Guide to Talking About Anything with Anyone provides a diverse and stimulating range of conversation starters that enable women to engage in stimulating and enlightening sessions that result in knowledge expansion and the development of lasting relationships.

Among the thought-provoking and enlightening starters are the following:

– familial issues,
– sex and passion,
– business at all levels – politics at all levels – local, national, and international
– interests and pastimes
– health concerns
– financial management of one’s personal and family finances – education

Written by an award-winning communications expert, the book also includes a wealth of speaking tips and techniques to assist women of all ages in developing and honing their conversation skills in terms of organizing their thoughts and responses, selecting appropriate modes of expression, and honing their listening abilities.