Z-FAST A Simple, Proven Intermittent Fasting Method

Z-FAST: A Simple, Proven Intermittent Fasting Method.

Have you struggled with weight gain throughout COVID-19? For the majority of us, our lives have been upended by the shutdown, which has produced the “ideal storm” for packing on the pounds. “Stress eating” is a significant factor in the weight increase of a large number of people. While humorous allusions to the “Quarantine 15” can be found online, the extra weight can have serious public health consequences. Nobody is certain when the COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted. It is up to YOU to regain control of your body and lose those unwanted pounds using the proven Z-Fast approach.

Discover How Intermittent Fasting Can Assist You in Avoiding Diets Merry Circulate and Permanently Lose Weight!

Fasting for weight loss is the antidote to the onslaught of yo-yo diets, fads, medications, programs, equipment, and machines that make empty promises of permanent weight loss. Z-FAST: A Simple, Proven Method of Intermittent Fasting, by author John Zehren, presents his novel technique for skipping meals to aid dieters in their battle against weight gain. Portioning, extended hourly workouts, calorie monitoring, special meal programs, and extreme weight loss fads do not work, and Zehren provides strong evidence for why.

“I had NO time for exercise and NO time for diets,” John explains. I just had time to RESIST EATING. FASTING IS EFFECTIVE.” In Z-FAST, John recounts his journey of weight loss through fasting, the three personalized, proven ways for fasting, and the numerous health benefits associated with what has been discovered to be a natural way of eating. This book provides the answers to all those who have requested, “Hey Johnny Z, could you write that fasting thing down for me?” over the years.

Z-FAST is a realistic approach to weight loss based on a simple formula in which dieters obtain life-changing results by missing meals several times per month. Z-FAST chronicles the newly discovered health-boosting effects of intermittent fasting. Stolen fat is burned, and the decreased caloric intake results in weight loss and stomach muscle shrinkage. There is compelling evidence that fasting improves heart health, and that frequent fasting and enhanced heart health are related to how the body metabolizes cholesterol and sugar. Fasting decreases the risk of weight gain and the likelihood of developing diabetes (two well-established risk factors for heart disease), while also lowering blood insulin and blood pressure and improving metabolism.

Several of the benefits of intermittent fasting include the following:

* Immediate Visible Weight Loss * No Portioning Required * No Daily Dieting * Burns Stored Belly Fat * Improved Sleep on Fast Days * Shrinks Stomach * Does Not Rely on Exercise * Does Not Require Counting or Measuring * Eat normally 90% of the time * Increased concentration on fasting days * Winning the Battle & Maintaining Weight Loss * Increased Metabolic Rate * Improved Insulin Levels * Improved Heart Health * Live Longer

Don’t Diet, Z FAST