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Great Reasons Why eBooks Are Better Than Printed Books

why ebooks are better than printed books

Great Reasons Why eBooks Are Better Than Printed Books.

Are you a technology enthusiast who also happens to be a bibliophile? If you are, have you tried an eReader, one of the best gadgets for book lovers? The e-reader symbolizes a watershed moment in the history of books. It is an electronic device specially built for reading e-books and periodicals. With an e-reader, you can take your entire library with you everywhere you go!

Rather than carrying a bag full of books to read on vacation, download e-books! An e-reader can store thousands of books and weighs less than a single book. If you’re used to reading traditional books and are wary of electronics but are intrigued about and enticed to read e-books, check out our article on the benefits of eBooks over traditional books.

EBooks aid in the preservation of the planet/environment!

While publishing and reading books are critical for humanity, they are also detrimental to our earth and natural environment. Producing paper and publishing printed books necessitates the felling of trees and the destruction of our planet’s forests. The best example comes from a 2010 occurrence in which a work published by Jonathan Franzen has a few minor typographical problems following printing. As a result, 80,000 copies of the book were recalled, destroyed, and reissued with the mistakes corrected. That is a substantial sum, isn’t it? That is why we are posing the following question: How environmentally damaging are traditional books?

Perhaps this number will surprise you, but one tree produces 60 books, and the incident recounted above literally wasted 1,333 trees, the equivalent of a medium forest! Each year, over 2.2 million books are published, requiring the use of approximately 3 million trees! Not sufficiently shocked? In 2008, the publishing sector in the United States of America destroyed 125 million trees! What are the ramifications? 40 million metric tons CO2, the equivalent of approximately 7 million cars’ annual CO2 emissions! With this in mind, we may assert that eBooks and eReaders are the only things that can help us rescue the earth.

They safeguard the environment and enhance our standard of living.

We may use eBooks to help the environment and improve our quality of life in a variety of ways. According to studies, the average person reads approximately 15 novels per year. Using a device to read books may pique their interest. Additionally, an e-reader has a carbon footprint of approximately 330 pounds, whereas books have a carbon footprint of approximately 15 pounds. Thus, you would need to read around 22 books on an e-reader to offset the carbon impact of 22 printed books. To be more precise, reading 44 novels on an e-reader equals a 50% reduction in your carbon footprint! By utilizing an e-reader and converting it to ebooks, you may significantly reduce your carbon footprint.


The finest feature of eBooks is their portability and small weight, making them ideal for carrying with you wherever you go! Rather than bringing your entire library on vacation, you may bring a compact eBook reader that holds hundreds of eBooks! Not only does the eReader save space in your suitcase, but also in your home. If you live in a tiny space, you no longer have to worry about the book storage restriction. You will be able to access thousands of books with only one device.

Reduced pricing.

Are you looking for budget-friendly tech gift ideas? The e-book is the ideal option. Isn’t it possible that a new version of your favorite book was released and you were taken aback by the price? Ebooks are frequently more affordable in the long run than traditional books due to the absence of printing costs. Additionally, there are a plethora of free eBooks available online, although we cannot say the same for paper books.

Excellent for students and employees alike!

Having only one traditional book, particularly if it is rare and expensive, might cause significant difficulties for pupils. With eReader, you may share the contents of an eBook with numerous users. While a paper book may only be shared with one person at a time, an eBook can be shared with multiple people simultaneously, which is ideal for students and employees! They can simply collaborate by sharing and utilizing the same content. Students can store all of their educational materials on a single device and access them from home or while abroad. Additionally, some eReaders include an offline mode, which enables users to utilize them even without an internet connection.

Reading at night.

Have you ever read a book that had poor print quality? You’ve probably encountered pages that are nearly unreadable. And can you see yourself reading the book at night? Ereaders allow you to modify the screen’s brightness according to the time of day and your personal preferences! You can read in dark mode to avoid straining your eyes. Additionally, you may alter the font size of the book, which eliminates the need to hunt for glasses or turn on the lights.

I’m currently listening to the book.

While traditional printed books are intended for reading exclusively, eBooks allow for audiobook listening. They have text-to-speech and read-aloud capabilities. You can also listen to eBooks if you’re too busy to read them, such as while driving, cooking, or relaxing in a bath. Additionally, eBooks that include this function are beneficial for children and people who have a learning disability or visual impairment. They are democratizing reading.

They are more durable.

Are you wondering why eBooks make the best technological gifts? That is because they are cost-effective in the long run. Of course, you’ll have to pay for the device itself, but the cost will be comparable to purchasing newly printed books in the long term. eBooks are far less expensive than printed books because they do not require paper printing, attractive covers, packaging, or shipping. For the price of one paper book, you may obtain up to ten eBooks! Additionally, eBooks are not as readily destroyed or damaged as printed books made of paper, which means they last longer.

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