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History & Dangers of White Flour 

Did you know bleached flour can change how your genes behave and repair themselves? Do you know what enriched flour is and how why it’s called enriched? Did you know the enriching processing is toxic and delivers a slow death? This informative book examines White Flour, its history, its dangers, how it affects the body from head to toe. More Info

About Us

New Body Books is a sister company of New Body You. We’re a group of retired military health professionals who have a passion for wellness, fitness, alternative healing, and all things health. We offer a huge inventory of books on anything relating to health and wellness, physical health, mental health, spiritual health, weight loss, fitness, and much more.

Our prices are very reasonable. Book prices start as low as $2, or less. We also offer a very large inventory of free books, some of which have hundreds of pages with extraordinary, life-changing information. 

Send us a message if you can’t find a particular topic. We are usually able to find books in just about any category imaginable. If we can’t find books on a particular topic, let us know exactly what you’re looking for. We have writers on our staff who have generated special products for a number of our customers.


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